Poop Police cleans up when it's time to do the dirty work
Picking up poop is not the most glamorous of jobs, admitted Judi Keelan, co-founder of The Poop Police.
"I have heard every poop joke imaginable, but I take it in stride," the Wall resident said. "You definitely have to have a sense of humor in this business."
Judi and her husband, Jim Keelan, said they realized the popularity of small businesses catering to pet owners and tried to come up with a way to break into the industry.
"The more popular areas were already taken," Keelan said.
Keelan, a bus driver for Wall Township Board of Education, said she wanted to start something small that wouldn't interfere with her primary job.
That led to the birth of The Poop Police, a small, home-based business that takes care of pet-waste management in Monmouth and parts of Ocean counties.
The business became incorporated in June of last year, she said, and joined the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists, headquartered in Santa Clarita, Calif.
"Basically, we pick up dog poo," Keelan said. "And geese waste, they're really taking over."
Judi and Jim Keelan clean up the customer's property with dustpans and double-bag all the waste in compliance with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Upon completion of the task, the Keelans said they spray down shoes and tools with disinfectant.
Picking up excrement in a timely fashion is important, Keelan said, and there are health risks to consider.
"There are a lot of parasites in the waste, and it doesn't break down as easily as people think it does," Keelan said.
The waste is not good for pregnant women to be around or for children playing in the back yard who risk spreading it around, she said.
The clientele of The Poop Police is diverse, Keelan said, from working families with hectic schedules to elderly people who have difficulty bending.
"Everyone is so busy all the time, the last thing they want to do when they get home from work is to pick up poo," Keelan said.
Arnold Petrosino of Bradley Beach said he has The Poop Police come to his house once a week on Wednesdays to pick up after his Rottweiler.
"(The dog) never makes it where he is supposed to,"
Petrosino said.
He said the service The Poop Police provides is great and inexpensive.
"I would highly recommend them unless you like picking that stuff up," Petrosino said.
In addition to pet-waste management, the Keelans have started a "pampered pet-sitting service" to offer clients a better option than a kennel, Judi Keelan said.
The Keelans offer the dogs a private home when their owners go on vacation.
"When the dogs come to our house, it's like they're coming to Grandma's," she said.
The Keelans have a fenced-in yard and will take only one family of dogs at a time to give personalized attention.
As summer approaches, the Keelans said they are expecting a busy season for both pet-sitting and waste management.
"People are starting to see large amounts of poop that has accumulated over the winter," Keelan said. "Everyone is thinking about the poop."
For more information on The Poop Police, call (732) 681-7500 or visit on the Web.Courtney Johnson: (732) 643-4040 or