“Pampered” Pet Sitting Services

We have recently added ”Pampered” Pet Sitting Services to our business simply because of the high demand for it. Being in the “Pooper Scooper” business we have come in contact with so many people who just weren’t taking vacations because they just weren’t comfortable leaving their pets in a kennel or leaving them home alone all day. It started out as a “favor” for someone, but soon turned into a “win-win” for everyone. We have the pleasure of having really special dogs in our home, running in our yard, taking walks with us after dinner, playing ball, cuddling in our laps, sometimes even sleeping in our beds. The owners have the pleasure of going on vacation with peace of mind knowing that their loved one is in good hands. And most importantly; your dog feels loved, doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety or feel abandoned. He is not locked up in a cage all day and goes home just as healthy as he came.

So if…
You’re planning a vacation but don’t
know what to do with you loved one?

If your having nightmares about putting your dog in a kennel?
And… if you don’t want to impose on your family or friends?

Your worries are over!!!!

Bring your baby to our home and go on that well needed vacation knowing that he/she is in good hands.

We are very flexible, but also very limited! We take a maximum of two dogs at one time; however arrangements can be made if your dog needs “private” sitting for what-ever reasons.

We require a “meet and greet” prior to any final arrangements along with proof of vaccinations. We also require you to fill out a questionnaire so we can become familiar with your dogs daily routine, their likes & dislikes and any other pertinent information.
Your house rules are our house rules!! We promise to love them, but we won’t spoil them any more then you want us to.

We are fully insured and have numerous references
available upon request.

Contact us for additional information, rates and availability.